Free File Fillable Forms

Free File Fillable Forms
Free File Fillable Forms
Free File. It's Fast. It's Safe. It's Free.

This is a form based product. Users should be familiar with reading IRS form instructions to complete a paper tax return.

What you should know:

  1. All account information is purged after October 20 each year.
  2. Only basic calculations are performed.
  3. Users must perform some calculations themselves.
  4. Users must create a new account each year.
  5. State prep and state e-file are not available from this program.
  6. View Program and Forms' Limitations before beginning.

Free File Fillable Forms is not for use by paid tax return preparers.

Taxpayer Alert: Please be aware that as the tax deadline nears, volumes will increase. High volumes can cause a delay in transmission times. Please allow extra time and submit as soon as possible to avoid any delay in your return transmission.